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the police looked at the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist looked at the police

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girl, (avid) democrat, writer, fan fic addict, thats about it... My bio is still a work in progress ^_^;;.

feel free to add me on aim.

And do please check out my writing community, Beads and mirrors.

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10/rose, 9/rose, adama/roslin, aegypt, agricantus, alec sadler, alicia/kalinda, american indian mythology, anime, ann pachett, archtypes, arvo part, ashes to ashes, astronomy, bach, barbara kingsolver, battlestar galactica, beauty and the beast, beauty and the beast retellings, bjds, broadchurch, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/giles, carl sagan, cats, cello, celtic mythology, chobits, cj cregg, cj/toby, clamp, clara oswald, claudia black, community, contact, continuum, cosmolgy, cowlitz, cowlitz tribe, creative writing, cristina yang, cristina/meredith, dana scully, david tennent, devon adair, devon/danziger, dirk gently's holistic detective agency, doctor who, doctor/rose, dolls, dorothy dunnett, drabbles, drawing, due south, dvorak, earth2, elizabeth keen, elizabeth weir, enterprise, enya, eternal sunshine, eugenides, fan fiction, fandom, farscape, fashion design, felting, femmeslash, fic, firefly, flash fiction, francis crawford, gabrial garcia marquez, garden state, garth nix, george o'mally, grey's anatomy, hardy/miller, harry potter, havers/lynley, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, house, house md, icon making, icons, inara serra, inspector lynley mysteries, inspector morse, irene, irish dancing, iron & wine, izzie stevens, jeeves and wooster, joanna newsom, jodie foster, john/elizabeth, jonathan strange and mr norrell, josh/donna, julia heller, kate and anna mcgerrigle, kathryn calder, kaylee, kiera cameron, knitting, la femme nikita, laura roslin, leonard cohen, lewis, life on mars, linden/holder, little big, lizzington, lj, loreena mckennitt, luther, lymond, lynley/havers, m*a*s*h, m*a*s*h*, mackenzie mchale, madeline, malcome reynolds, manga, margaret atwood, mary mcdonnel, mary russell books, meredith grey, meredith/cristina, meryl streep, mi-5, mirandy, monica reyes, monk, movies, mrs bradley mysteries, mulder/scully, natalie merchant, natalie teeger, native american mythology, neil gaiman, nicole kidman, photography, poetry, politics, pride and prejudice, queen's thief, rameau, raymond reddington, reading, red/liz, reylo, rilke, river tam, robbie robertson, robin mckinley, rose daughter, rose tyler, salish, sam/jack, sara mclaughlin, sarah linden, sd, season one, sewing, sheppard/weir, sherlock, simon tam, slings & arrows, star trek voyager, stargate atlantis, steeleye span, stephen holder, super dollfie, ten, the avengers, the avengers uk, the blacklist, the colour green, the doctor, the eyre affair, the good wife, the interpreter, the killing, the magician's assistant, the newsroom, the peppered moth, the solitudes, the stolen child, the time traveler's wife, the west wing, the x files, this is wonderland, toby ziegler, top gear, tori amos, torri higginson, torri higgonson, tous les matin du monde, ts eliot, tumblr, twelve, volks, watanuki/yuko, west wing, whouffaldi, will mcavoy, wings of desire, writing, x-files, xxxholic, you've got mail, yuko/watanuki, zach braff
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