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2014-07-22 05:39 am
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We Shall Be As Fine Fair Things

We would be beholden to love, as you say,
and stand out in that field, bare and unarmed
and helpless before it,
having given over all defense, and laid aside
every shielding denial
and you may find it demeaning, alarming
too great a risk answered only by such an intangible reward.
I think you have only known hearth-kin love and
that is a fat, docile, drowsy, dun-colored thing,
of comfort and common pleasantries,
of small pleasures given at little cost,
and that is nice enough.

But oh,
only we shall be fine fair things, that glisten in the sun
we shall be as gentle woodland creatures that slip
through passages of trees, unclothed, unwary, mute,
half glimpsed by stamping travellers in sturdy boots who pause
in the cool wood but do not linger.
We shall be as wild things, not pinned to this world
and unheeding of its strictures
and, with teeth and claws made ready, proceeding outward,
passed through the outmost gate, broke free.
We shall not believe we are too wise to be so moved,
for we will be as the lovers that the gods did bless
with a caress of their golden hands atop our heads
and under their protection, stand unflinching,
We shall be unscrimping as children,
who live with lavish wonder,
who do not expect harm and are unharming,
and we shall not shy back from the sight
of our misshapen, mouldering,
briny hearts, long left hidden and unattended
but cradle them between us with greatest care.
We shall be
of the earth and from our great vantage, above it,
and settling in, descending down to our loamy rest,
we shall not even then be parted,
and be never bound and never made to shoulder the yoke
of dutiful forbearance, never as those penitents,
harnessed to one another, who fear to speak and be heard
and instead are mummified by the winding sheet of secrets kept,
and kept, until they spoil.
We shall be as every encompassing notion,
and every disparate, fading note and the silent breathing between--

We shall be all of these,
if only we may at first begin.
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2013-04-23 04:57 am

My Egg of Longing

We shall just go on being this, we will be uncertain forever
in our tender and unwilling child-hearts,
hopeful and wandering,
doing the shopping and looking out the front-room window
at the grey-green city evening,
waiting for when to dress for dinner,
and never knowing what to say
or how to pick up the phone --
or even to remember that we're all
made up of ways to fill our days
and while them away,
and the shelved, hard wearing remnants of our sneakers-and-backpack childhoods,
the small voices who still remember trusting
that some greater, sleeping self soon would wake,
larger, capable, impossibly knowing.

Lately, where you are concerned
it's as though, under my ribs,
someone has scooped out
all my ticking, beating inner workings
and replaced them with longing,
whole and perfect,
as empty and round and boundless as any open space.
I breathe through it, and wait
and store things there,
the folded things of our better days.
I look at them from time to time.

I would sit at your feet with joy,
I would walk with you, arm in arm and
lean against your shoulder, thus,
and know the feel of those mundane and nourishing sensations,
coat sleeves, warm-firm flesh, hard elbow, solid shoulder bone.
If you might hold me, I would tell you,
speak into your coat collar and
tell you anything, all things,
would let you keep them all, my little wooden spin-top thoughts,
only painted trinkets, they'd be yours.
you might keep me,
and not fault me for the pressed leaf
of girlhood that I carry--
if I could speak to you this way,
if you could see past the measured temperament of your mid-less heart,
see me as a bold and quaking thing,
we could be happy.
We might.
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2012-05-12 07:39 am

poem: untitled

untitled poem 9b--

I know what it is to be judged

and found wanting.

You cannot love me.

I am the longing which stands

and cannot be relieved by prayer,

I am as the mollusk which is left

by fumbling storm-waters

above the high tide line.
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2011-11-25 11:15 pm



Still is the hopeful dawn, when the light strikes across the frost

Waiting as I —

and I am only this, a kind of lingering pause,

a figure of dismay —

Find the crest of the hill which rises vast.

Cold makes the air a shape I move through,

the bright sky is stretched

broad and luminous as an unfurling thought.

The breath in my scarf is fogged and damp,

I mean only to stand a while,

til I go on, and down,

down all through the bracken and blackberry cane.